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Latin Wedding Planning Timeline

When you attend a wedding that feels like it all goes off without a hitch, it can be easy to imagine someone ( like a professional planner or an extra prepared member of the bridal party or perhaps a excellent- experienced friend ) spent time and energy outlining what would happen when, who needed to be where, and what objects needed to be in place at certain times. This kind of record is referred to as a morning- of bridal timeline and it’s probably the most essential element in all of wedding planning ( and yup, that includes elopements! ).

We lengthy talked to Latin- American wedding planner Esme from Bodamaestra who shared her big suggestions for creating a official procedure fb schedule and staying very organized on your big day. We’ve also included a sample template to help you start thinking about how you want your wedding ceremony and reception to flow.

Most of the couples I work with are interested in incorporating nods to their Latinx heritage or even celebrating the country where they were born. For instance, Meaghan and Fernando chose cozy scarves from Lima and accent bits such as tequila baskets and guava dessert toppers to fasten their wedding together. Many Latinx couples also incorporate the tradition of la hora loca, which allows guests to keep the celebration going after the ceremony concludes. This usually means handing out engaging items like glow sticks and masks to make the moment more fun!

Generally speaking, couples who choose to have their ceremony and reception onsite need to account for extra time in between to accommodate family photos and allow enough time for portraits before it’s actually time for the celebration to begin. This is why I recommend talking to your photographer and trusting them to help you create an ideal wedding day timeline that will actually work best for your situation!

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